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Episode 35: Whiskey

You are a gunslinger in the year 1903 having a drink at "The Smoking Tavern". It's a cowboy bar just at the edge of town. You drink your fifth glass of whiskey and flirt with the most beautiful bartender that you've ever seen. Her name is "Kat".

You seem to remember her as a calm lady. She has narrow eyes the color of milk chocolate. Her luxurious, straight, midnight black hair sparkles under light. She has a slender build. Her skin is tan. She has full eyebrows and nice feet. Her wardrobe is tight, with a lot of violet and blue, matching her blue eyes. Of course, at that point, you don't remember if she is truly beautiful or if you just drank one too many glasses.

Suddenly, a half drunk miner dumps his glass of whiskey on your lap. This clumsy miner has slanted green eyes. His coarse, wavy, beige hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a pair of horns. He's got a beard and moustache. He has a broad-shouldered build. His skin is cream-colored. He has a weak chin and large hands. His wardrobe is severe and strange, with a mostly red and white color scheme.

What do you do?


Beat the miner soundly to teach him a lesson.
Shoot him.
Clean yourself off and walk away.
You feel your teeth sharpen in anger as you attempt to control your bloodlust.
You lunged towards the man, your teeth sharpening into fangs.
You struggle to suppress your hunger for the man's blood, which is difficult due to your teenage body.


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