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Episode 1: Preface

"Gun for Hire" now comprises of two completely independent stories. In one, you play as Joe Prantera, the hitman. In the other, you play as a gunslinger. Choose the path you like to take. You can always come back to the start and choose another path.

Note: We found that having multiple independent plots in the same "Make Your Own Adventure" (MYOA) is difficult to manage as each adventure gets bigger. Therefore, as new independent plots are added, we will move them to new MYOA modules and create new Android apps for them. You can also find them on our web sites:,, or


You are a gunslinger.
Joe Prantera, the hitman.
Or be Cole Jones, a monster hunting detective
Or, just to be completely different, play a Being Human storyline where you make the decisions for the characters
Or be a new character in the Supernatural world.
Or exist in a world of super powers
Or be Cole Jones, a monster hunting detective
Or live in a world of super heroes and villains


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