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Home World

Machima City

The capital of the Delarplec society is Machima City on their home world. The city itself covers about 2000 miles in diameter and hosts over a billion citizens.

Humanoid AI Ban

To prevent dilution in its society, Delarplec ban all use of autonomous humanoid robots; robots in humanoid shape that can think and act on its own using artificial intelligence. All humanoid robots are for exclusive use by its citizens as physical bodies. Therefore, Delarplec have an inherent hatred toward autonomous humanoid robots, which remind themselves of what they may have became.

Do to this philosophy, Delarplec has constant conflict with the Clearchan Confederacy, which is a confederate of robot races (artificial intelligence beings). Politically, the two groups never gets along. Many minor skirmishes has occurred, but major war hasn't broken out.

Central Data Bank

In the center of Machima City is the Central Data Bank. This data bank contains the "brain" of all its citizens. Whenever a Delarplec is "revived", the memory is pulled from this data bank and programmed into the android body. The Central Data Bank is managed and controlled by an Artificial Intelligence entity that is built into the facility.

Android Factory

Automated Android Factories exist throughout the Machima City. These factories manufacture replacement android bodies for its citizens. Each factory's warehouse is capable of storing ten thousand android bodies. It is the job of each automated factory to maintain that quota.


Delarplec generally communicates with one another through the use of its centralized wireless voice messaging service. It is quite like wireless instant messaging, except it is done with voice. This feat is accomplished with the wireless communication module that is built-into each android body's head. Therefore, no actual audible voice comes out of the mouth. An automated central computer dispatches wireless conversations all over Machima City. This dispatch occurs at super high speed, so it is like a normal conversation.

Outside Machima City, Delarplec has to communicate via voice or set up an independent communication relay for this purpose.