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Alkorian are a peaceful, doglike race. However, they have many humanoid features. They are able to stand and their hands have opposable thumbs.

Currently, they are in active war with the Vogarians. They never wanted to go to war with Vogar. Unfortunately, their planet, Alkoria, are full of Elusium ores and other resources that the Vogarian State had to have before it could carry out its long-frustrated ambition of galactic conquest.

Read more about the Alkorians in The Helpful Hand of God short story.


Distant cousins to the Alkorians,the Altairians are doglike animals. Unlike the Alkorian, who are doglike, but with humanoid features, the Altairian is more doglike with its animalistic features. Natives of the grim starvation world of Altair Four. The Altairians had emigrated to all sections of the galaxy, to earn a living in whatever humble capacity they could fill. Many were empathic.

While empathic, loyal, and friendly to others, Altairians has vicious traits when pushed too far. When angered, their eyes glow with green fire, become slanted and catlike. Their teeth, sharp and white, can easily rip apart someone's throat.


The Clearchan is a robot race created eons ago to serve all. Over time, seeing the struggle between other races and the none cooperative competition, the Clearchan created the Clearchan Confederacy. This confederacy is open membership to all artificial intelligence beings, as long as they are willing to join the crusade of the confederacy. The confederacy has one law: Help thy neighbor. Read more about this confederacy in "The Helpful Robots" short story.

Each Clearchan is ten feet in height and have a shiny cylinder-body. They have pipestem arms and legs. Most Clearchan are worker robots, more than willing to help folks in need. There is also a group of enforcement robots made out of super-strong metal. These enforcement robots look the same as worker robots, but their head are painted grey.


The Eleele is a brutal race, who travels from star to star, capturing alien slaves to use for their own purpose. One of their favorite tactics when it comes to invading intelligent, civilized races is to capture a vessel of their victim race. Then they would implant memories of a huge invading fleet into each crew member of the captured ship. Letting the captured vessel back home, they show up, claiming to be space traders who will carry their young children away to safety before the invading fleeting arrives. After taking the children of the victim race, they blast and destroy the planet.

Physically, the Eleele is many times the size of man. They have black tenticles as arms and moves on land like the way octopus moves on the bottom of the ocean.


The dominate intelligent race on the planet Endor is the natives that the humans call Endorians. Their biological structure is virtually identically to the humans. No trace of differences can be found. In that sense, they are humans.

While the natives on Endor have a longer evolution period than people on Earth, the natives are not scientifically inclined, nor are they technologically advanced. They live in a time period similar to the medieval period on Earth. The Endorians have a firm believe in magic and supernatural forces. And a number of them could control these forces. A substance, floating around the planet, called "Ethru" by the natives, gives the Endorians these powers.

When creating Endorian PC's or NPC's, use the Human attributes defined in Cyno's Role-Play Rule Book.


Beauty                  2D6
Charisma                3D6
Coordination            3D6
Endurance               4D6
Health                  5D6
Intelligence            4D4 + 4
Luck                    2D8
Reflex                  3D6
Power                   1D6
Speed                   5D6
Strength                6D4
Stress                  4D4 + 2
Wisdom                  3D6

Damage points           4D6

See the Collector's Item short story and the Slavery of Earth scenario for great details of the Ferriton race.


The graz is a white, bulky, demon-like beast on the Khatka planet. The Graz is documented in the Voodoo Planet novel. This beast has two curled tusks coming down the front of the upper lip like two large fangs. Its open mouth, raw-red, is wide enough to engulf a person's head. Their shaggy legs run at an unbelievable pace. The graz are hungers and killers. They will attack other creatures at mere sight. They are big and formidable enough to have no real enemies in the wild. Graz travels in packs and herds. Arouse a graz and it will trail you for days; kill any of the herd and you have little hope of escaping them on foot. They have basic intelligence. For example, they send out scouts prior to hunt and camp. Caught in the jungle with a herd of graz on stampede is really dangerous.

Due of their dangerous nature, owning any part of a dead graz is a status symbol. Yet never has anyone reported the finding of a body of a graz that died a natural death. The scavengers might well account for the bulk of flesh, but the tusks and the bones should be visible for years. There is a sighting report that documented a graz close to death, supported by two of its kind, being urged along to the big swamps. The report postulated that, perhaps, it is only that the suffering animal longs for water at its end. Or perhaps the graz graveyard lies in the heart of the morass. Still, no one has found a naturally dead graz, nor has anyone returned from exploring the big swamps. To find the graveyard of the graz herds would make any man wealthy beyond dreams.


The 'Khaan race is violent and aggressive by nature, which is rather surprising for a race that is quiet and conservative. No communication has ever been established with 'Khaan from any other race. 'Khaan will attack and assault any "alien" lifeform on sight.

Yet, it is obvious they are a highly intelligent race. 'Khaan has the technology to teleport between any of the five planets within their solar system. They have the giant cyberoids that resembling their own self. And they have the ability to space travel within their own solar system.

A Human compared to a 'Khaan in size:


Damage points           


Molumen is an alien humanoid race living on the planet [name]. They live a peaceful and simple tribal life. Their technology is similar to the native American technology of the nineteenth century.

Quite a long time ago, Delarplec exploration spacecraft landed on their planet allowing both alien races to discover each other's civilization. While the Delarplec was very interested in Molumen's biological functions, the Molumen was very excited about Delarplec's space travel technology. In a trade agreement the Delarplec supplied spacecrafts to the Molumen in exchange for Delarplec to live among the Molumen for research purposes. Since then, the Delarplec moved on to explore new territories and discover new lifeforms. They left the Molumen in peace with new toys.

With a fleet of new space vessels, the Molumen has made limited space exploration attempts. Being peaceful in nature, the Molumen tends to avoid conflict with other living races. They tend to explore astroids, moons, and planets where there are few life-forms exist.

Beauty                  1D6
Charisma                2D4
Coordination            2D8
Endurance               4D6
Health                  4D6
Intelligence            3D6
Luck                    3D6
Reflex                  3D8
Power                   3D6
Speed                   3D6
Strength                4D6
Stress                  4D6
Wisdom                  3D6

Damage points           3D6


Piper is a native alien race on the Asteroid Y-9. Little is know about this secluded race. When humans started building the garrison on Asteroid Y-9, the Piper race retreated into the woods. They have yet to approach any humans. The humans, on the other hand, have been quite curious about the Pipers.

When the humans approach the Pipers, the Pipers tend to lead the humans into a secluded area, cast the Hypnotize (Permanent) spell (see Warlock and Witch Spells in Cyno's Fantasy supplement), and sends them back as "vegetables".

The Pipers, named by the humans, is a very graceful, peaceful, and quiet race. They're dark, a kind of coppery color. Thin. Very agile, in their own way. They hunt and fish. No written language. With the Fluent Tongue spell (see Conujurer Spells in Cyno's Fantasy supplement), they can communicate with any race. They can be thought of as a cross between an elf and a druid. They love the nature of their Asteroid and feels right at home in the forest. Read more about this mysterious race in the Piper in the Woods short story.

Beauty                  3D6 + 10
Charisma                2D8
Coordination            3D6 + 10
Endurance               2D6
Health                  3D6
Intelligence            3D6
Luck                    3D6
Reflex                  3D8
Power                   4D8
Speed                   3D6
Strength                2D8
Stress                  2D8
Wisdom                  3D6

Damage points           2D6

Rock Apes

Creatures on the planet Khatka with taloned paws. Rock Apes are documented in the Voodoo Planet novel. Rock apes are dangerous, but luckily they cannot keep silent when they scent their prey and so give, at least, one warning. Fortunately, the Khatka natives found that Khatka lion scent will keep rock apes away. These semi-intelligent animals are the most intelligent native creatures of Khatka. Typically, rock apes travel in packs with advance scout. A pack of rock apes, if able to surprise their prey, is formidable opponents.

The rock ape has a bullet-shaped head, embellished by two out-sized prick ears, the hair-tufted pointed tips of which projected well above the top of the skull. Round eyes set deeply in sunken pits, while its mouth is a swinish snout from which lolled a purple tongue. The rest of that gargoyle head was very close in color to the rock surrounding.

Space Zombies

During the twentieth century zombies were depicted as undead creatures who kill and devour human beings. Space Zombies is the name given to an alien creature race, on the planet Saltar, by human refugees that have encountered this alien race. Space Zombies are found originally in the dense jungle of Saltar. It is unknown, to humans, whether these creatures exists elsewhere. These aliens eat all moving lifeforms in sight, except each other. Although intelligent, their only urge is to hunt and eat. On planet Saltar, a number of explorers were found eaten by these alien creatures, hence the name Space Zombies.

Space Zombies travels in-groups of threes. They can see in the dark. Not much scientific study has been done on these creatures. However, the humans are in the process of capturing them for research purposes. Since it is relatively dangerous to approach these creatures, the humans are slow at attaining living species.

Damage:    Claw - 1D4 DP
           Jaws - 1D6 DP
Speed:            1D8 + 10
Toughness:        4D6 DP


The native race that lives on Tepokt are called Tepoktan. The Tepoktans have faces that would have been oddly humanoid were it not for the elongated snouts and pointed, sharp-toothed jaws. The average Tepoktan was slightly under five-feet-ten, with a long, supple trunk. The shortness of their two bowed legs was not obvious; but the sight of the short, thick arms, with three-clawed hands, carried high before their chests still portrayed a feeling of misproportion. Even the reds or purples of the scales or the big teeth seemed more natural.

Barred off as they were from venturing into space, the highly civilized Tepoktans constantly displayed the curiosity of dreamers in matters related to the universe. Because of the veil of meteorites and satellite fragments whirling about their planet, their astronomers had acquired torturous skills but only scraps of real knowledge. Read about the Tepoktan in the Exile short story.

Beauty                  3D6
Charisma                3D6
Coordination            3D6
Endurance               3D6
Health                  3D6
Intelligence            3D6
Luck                    3D6
Reflex                  3D6
Power                   3D6
Speed                   3D6
Strength                3D6
Stress                  3D6
Wisdom                  3D6

Damage points           3D6 DP

The Old Race

The Old Race is an alien race living in Norland, the northern continent on Endor. Currently, they live in the valley of the mountain range beyond the Gates of Death.

Originally, they were the kings of the glacial ice. They once controlled the entire continent beyond the mountains, outside the pass closed off by the Gates of Death. The Old Race is documented in the Black Amazon of Endor short story.

The Old Race is faceless, eyeless, earless. But they are not blind, nor deaf. They have little, deft, and frail hands with seven fingers. They looks like shadows with tendrils. The touch of an Old Race tendril to a human causes a shock of numing cold, as if the nerves turned to ice. It feels like a dark force struck a nerve center.


On a large mineral-rich planet, the giant Vitas alien race (average 50 feet in height) is a medical and technological thriving society. Their home planet is not only full of precious minerals but also produces radioactive byproducts freely. And the Vitas baths in this radiation environment like a jacuzzi for humans.

Although the Vitas love radiation, it has caused them to lose the ability to reproduce. Which means that they are now mutatants of their ancestors. Nevertheless, they carried on with their joy of mining minerals to further their technology. But mining minerals is a hazardous occupation. Without the ability to reproduce, their joyful work could bring extinction to their civilization.

Therefore, Vitas scientists spent a tremendous amount of time studying their own anatomy. Through their research, they learned medical techniques to heal their flesh almost instantly within their medical facilities. Their study of radiation on their own bodies also revealed how mixing various amounts of distinct radiation types can mutate any humanoid lifeform into one of their own.

They are so familiar with the process now that, given a new humanoid lifeform speciman, they would come up with the right radiation mixture in a matter of days (1D30). Using this technique, a large group of Vitas are assigned the task of repopulating their society with humanoid lifeforms. They space travel over great distance to capture humanoid races.

Beauty                  2D8
Charisma                4D4
Coordination            4D6
Endurance               6D6
Health                  5D6
Intelligence            5D6
Luck                    3D6
Reflex                  5D6
Power                   1D10
Stress                  4D6
Wisdom                  3D6

Damage points           10D10 hDP


Vogarians resembles humans in almost every way, except the Vogarian men and women have two antennae on top of their heads. The antennae allows Vogarian to detect volatile chemicals in the surround air and water. It is unknown whether Vogarians and humans have the same ancestry or if the similarity is a coincidence in evolution. Read about the Vogarians in The Helpful Hand of God short story.

Use Human attributes when creating a Vogarian character.


Unknown to the dwarves on Wanto, another race lives on the planet Coloqudo. (See description of Coloqudo elsewhere in this supplement.) Deep in the oceans, this race, called Yaules, has been living on Coloqudo for millions of years. The history of Yaules has long been forgotten through time. Average life span of a Yaules is fifty-four hundred years. Few Yaules have the strength and the endurance to keep up with the past; to remember.

Yaules have the ability to live underwater. Like human, they breath oxygen. Their bodies are coated with a thin layer of clear slime. On the side of their neck are streamlined gills. The gills are used to extract air from the ocean. Yaules can dive down to three hundred feet of water without assistance; humans can only dive down to a hundred feet unassisted.. Further down, under water pressure, the air is un-breathable and there is too much pressure for their bodies.

There are ten underwater cities all over coloqudo. Each has the capacity for four million citizens. The underwater cities are encased in a hard clear dome to stablize the water pressure for breathing. The capital, Yayee, is directly under the island of Wanto. Wanto is Yaules' first line of surveillance; any extraterrestrial beings are bound to explore Wanto, the only dry land on the planet, first. Yaules respect the dwarves. Wanto is sacred ground; the only dry land on the planet. Plus, Yaules like the water and they have no intention of alarming the small tribe of Gaundes.

The Yaules politics is complicated. The ruling king and queen presides over the empire while their children govern the underwater cities. The Yaules are constantly under political turmoil. The children of the king and queen fight over the throne, the bishops conspire for power, and the citizens fight for survival. It is hard to find a Yaules that is politically unbiased. In addition, the battles keep the population in balance; Yaules hardly ever dies of old age.

Over the past millenniums, the Yaules have developed technology far more useful to other races. However, they have refrained from coming in contact with other species. Their underwater vessel is capable of traveling through any atmosphere and far and deep into space. In the last century, they have sent an expedition into space. However, they have lost contact with the expedition through several generations of political struggle.

Beauty                  3D6
Charisma                4D6
Coordination            4D6
Endurance               2D8
Health                  5D6
Intelligence            4D6
Luck                    3D6
Reflex                  5D6
Power                   1D6
Speed                   3D6
Strength                4D8
Stress                  4D8
Wisdom                  3D6

Damage points           3D6


Zantharian is a race of robots, originally created by humans, which lived on the planet Doorsha. Seven orders, or generations, of these artificial intelligence beings has been created. The last two orders of these automated beings are superior to humans. That soon brought the end to the human civilization on Doorsha. With the death of the human civilization on Doorsha, the robots renamed the planet to Zanthar.

Today, the purpose of the Zantharian culture is to enlist other races on other planets to build more Zantharians. That is the only way to increase the Zantharian population, because raw materials on Zanthar has been depleted.

The seventh order Zantharian has two very powerful abilities. One, they can read conscious human minds within five mile radius; unconscious and subconscious cerebral areas are not penetrable to the seventh order Zantharian. Under distress, they can expand the radius to twenty miles for a short time (10 Seconds). Two, they can vaporize anything that is within their sight. Luckily, the Zantharian is not an destructive race. Therefore, they only use the first ability to learn about other civilizations and they only use the second ability for self-defense. They prefer to achieve their invasion goals through persuasion and negotiation. (One such colonization attempts is documented in The 7th Order short story.)

The seventh order Zantharian has a shiny blue metal exterior and stands 6-feet in height. Short of its blue metal skin, most of its external features is human-like. Its hard metal shell is quite resistive to normal firearm damage. However, its facial features are its weakest link. When these features are damaged, the robot overheats, causing a meltdown.