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Cyno's Role-Play: Scenarios: BotNet

Call to Action

This adventure suits a team of two to three characters. If there are more or fewer characters, you may scale the drone encounter accordingly. Start the adventure by reading the following to the players.

After a full day of detective work, you and your collegues has built up a grawling stomach. All you guys want to do is to get some dinner. On the way to the local diner, your cellphone rang. It's the headquarter dispatch. You are on call, so you have to pick it up.

"Sir, we have just been alerted to an armed robbery at the Dairy Mart. I see on the terminal here that your vehicle is the closest to that location. Please confirm."

The Dairy Mart is just down the street from the local diner. You've always liked the convenience of getting a beverage there. You acknowledged the dispatch and floored the gas pedal.

There are many different ways that the players can approach the destination. They can role-play it out. The following is the situation at the Dairy Mart.

A MAS Servent Drone XPRT has gotten a Howie G7 handgun. It entered the Dairy Mart and shot the attendee with it. Nearby neighbors called the law-enforcement agency when they heard the shot.

As the playing characters arrive at the scene, the MAS Servent Drone XPRT is rummaging through the store. It has already grabbed all the cash from the register and placed it in a backpack. It is now grabbing junk food and knickknacks.

After determining the situation, the players should roll Area Knowledge or Town Lore skill check. If the skill check succeeds, then remind the players this fact: "From the factory, the MAS Servent Drone XPRT aren't programmed to rob a store, hold a gun, nor shoot someone. And MAS Servent Drone XPRT definitely doesn't eat." Even if the players fails the check, there is no need for them to play ignorant if they are aware of the background information.

If, and when, the playing characters confront the MAS Servent Drone XPRT, it wll attack the players. Then it will start running and attempt to loose the playing characters. At some point, the MAS Servent Drone XPRT will dump the loot in a trash dumpster in an alley on Madison Street. Finally, when it has lost the playing characters, or think it has lost them, it will travel to a deserted office building in downtown.