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Cyno's Role-Play: Scenarios


This scenario is a ready-to-run adventure for Cyno's Role-Play. It is based on the world created in the Earth 2143 A.D. and the Simon and Lief Robot Builders supplements.

BotNet is set in a future society that has grown to depend on robot drones. In this scenario, some of the robots has gone awry. It's up to the players to investigate why the most benigh servent drones are acting with criminal intent.

Players may play U.N. Investigator, U.N. Special Task Force, or other law-enfocement characters.

Got Questions?
Please feel free to ask questions in our forums.

The following sections of the BotNet scenario is for the game master. If you are not the game master, do not read any further. If you are the game master, be sure the read the "Background" section first to familize yourself with the concept.

You, as the GM, may run this scenario stand-alone, without tying into any story-line. Or you can integrate it into your own campaign. We have left the city un-named, so that it could be a metropolis on Earth or on another planet of your choosing.

The Hacker (Adventure 1)

Virtual Army (Adventure 2)