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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book: Skills


Ancient Weaponry - The skill of using ancient weaponries. Please refer to the weapon sections in the Cyno's Fantasy supplement for the different type of ancient weapons.

Assault Rifle - This is the skill required to use an assault rifle. It includes both fully automatic and semi-automatic assault rifles.

Boomerang - The use of a boomerang and its techniques.

Crossbow - A cross between bows and guns. Its main objective is to be silent and convenient like bow and arrows while powerful and simple to use like a gun.

Knife - The knowledge of the techniques to use in combat with a knife or blade.

Knife Throwing - The knowledge of using a knife or blade as a throwing weapon.

Machine Gun - The ability and understanding of the uses of a fully-automatic gun.

Pistol - The ability to use a handgun.

Rifle - The ability to use and aim a rifle for hunting, sporting, or even killing.

Shotgun - The knowledge in the subject of using a shotgun.

Sling Shot - The use of a sling shot for hunting or sporting.

Submachine Gun - Same as machine gun.