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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book


Cyno's Role-Play includes a bundle of skills for you to mold your character. Some of these skills are used more in specific time settings than other skills. However, there may be other skills left out of Cyno's Role-Play. The GM and players are encouraged to supplement their own list of skills.

Using Skills

To use the skills, simple roll a one hundred-sided die, or 2 ten-sided dice (read about dice under Role-Play Basics) and see if the skill check succeeds. To succeed, the dice roll must be under the character skill percentage. For example, if a character has 25% on lock picking and rolls 37, then the character fails at picking the lock.

On some skill checks, it's quite obvious to the character whether it successfully performed the skill or not. But it might not be quite so obvious on some other skills. Lock picking is an obvious one, the character either unlocked a lock or it did not. However, skills like detect ambush are not as obvious. If a character fails, it will not know. Just say something like "you do not detect anything" to the player, which could mean either the character succeeds but detected nothing or the character fails at detecting the ambush.

Increasing Skill Percentages

Skill percentage increases throughout the character's adventure. Every time a character uses a skill successfully, skill percentage of that skill increases. The following chart shows the amount of percentage points to award for each successful try:


Successfully performing a skill when needed.


Successful at any other time.

The highest percentage any character could have on any one skill is 95%; there is always a chance that the character will fail. After a skill reaches 50%, the percentage for that skill increases by one percent on every successful try. After reaching 75%, the skill increases by one for every two successful tries. A skill can only increase, at most, by 5% per day (game time).


Each character automatically receives its native language skill as a bonus, unless noted otherwise. To calculate how much percentage points that the character receives, add age and education together then times it by 2. Remember, a skill can never reach 96% or higher.

There are hundreds of languages in existence on Earth currently. All of them may be available to players. Each race in a fantasy or a science fiction scenario has its own set of languages as well.


All the piloting skills are also available as mechanic skills.


The knowledge of course plotting and staying on course. Also allows one to determine the current position as necessary. Four areas of navigation are available: Air, Land, Sea, and Space.