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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book: Skills


These are skills allows the character to control certain types of vehicles. Whenever a character tries to perform a dangerous maneuver, a roll should be made.

Airplane - The ability to control and fly a aircraft.

Automobile - The ability to drive and control a car.

Boat - The ability to control a motor boat.

Cycle - Ability to ride a motorcycle.

Glider - The ability to fly a glider and the ability to glide a plane down. All flying skills require this skill.

Helicopter - Ability to fly a helicopter.

Hovercraft - The ability to pilot a hovercraft.

Jet - Ability to fly a jet. Anyone with this skill does not need the airplane skill to fly a regular aircraft.

Space Shuttle - Ability to fly the space shuttle and use the on-board computer system.

Tank - The understanding of the controls of a tank.

Truck - The ability to maneuver a truck with trailer through streets without crashing or damage the trailer.