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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book: Skills


Archery - The use of bow and arrows. Same as weapon skills.

Body Building - The exercise to build up one's body and increase one's strength. Roll 12-sided dice once every year. A roll of 8 or higher will increase the strength by one, up to the maximum of the race. The character must keep exercising or strength will decrease by one each year with a roll of 8 or higher down to the original attribute.

Boxing - This is a sport very much like basic hand to hand training. Though unlike it in a way that it does not give you additional actions, but instead, it gives you pluses in places of actions.

Fencing - A sport much like sword fighting, though graceful, faster, and more deadly. When fencing, a character may strike twice per second (two actions per phase).

Fishing - The technique to catch fish.

Gymnastics - Physical exercises for developing the body. It allow the character to physical twist his/her body into positions that an untrained person aren't able to perform. For every 25% that is allocated to this skill, the character receives a +1 to dodge.

Hand to Hand Training (Basic) - The skill of fighting at close range with or without any weapon. For every 25% that is allocated to this skill, the character receives one additional action per turn in hand to hand combat situation.

Hand to Hand Training (Expert) - Close range combat skill at a higher stage. Hand to Hand Training (Basic) skill is required before this skill can be acquired. For every 25% that is allocated to this skill, the character receives +1 to strike, +1 to dodge, and +1 to parry in hand to hand combat.

Hand-Gliding - Basically the same as gliding, though with hand-gliders.

Horse Riding - The ability to ride and control a horse without falling off.

Mountain Climbing - The knowledge of technique of mountain climbing with specific equipments and others. The ability to climb some mountain even without equipments.

Sailing - The ability to sail a boat. This applies only to sail boats. Same a piloting skills.

Swimming - The ability to propel and maneuver oneself through water.

Wrestling - A sport in which trains the character to keep being forced down and allow the character to force an attacker down.

Zero-G Maneuver - The ability to maneuver in a zero-gravity environment.