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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book: Skills


Detect Trap - The ability to detect trap in the vicinity.

Forgery - The ability to create realistic imitations. Like counterfeit money, identification, paintings, etc. Also allow the character to check for forgery.

Make Trap - The ability to build a trap out of various materials.

Neutralize Trap - The ability to disarm a trap and make it non-functional without setting it off.

Pick Lock - The technique of opening key locks and safe. May roll once every five minutes.

Pick Pocket - The technique of stealing items on others without being detected. Each item requires a separate roll. May attempt once every action.

Safe Cracking - The technique of opening combination locks and safe. May roll once every five minutes.

Set Trap - The ability to conceal and arm a trap.

Theft - Unlike pick pocket, this is the ability to break into anti-theft systems and stealing items that are not on a person. On a car with an alarm, for example, if the skill check fails, alarm will sound. One attempt every five minutes.