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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book: Skills


Area Knowledge - The knowledge of one specified area. This skill is important if not necessary to any character with the street-wise skill.

Intelligence - The understanding of the true meaning of intelligence and information. The use of this understanding to obtain subtle information from the enemy or anyone else. With this, a character will know what information is valuable and what are not. Also observation techniques are learned. From the information gained, analysis will help putting the pieces together to produce a bigger and much more important picture. Farther, the character will know how to manipulate people to get the information he/she wants and make a spy out of anyone without them knowing. The character will also be able to spot dead-drops and others of the sort for intelligence purposes.

Interrogation - The ability to gather information from anyone without them being willing.

Intimidation - Like interrogation except its main purpose is not to gather information but to frighten someone from doing something that the character does not want. Basically blackmail.

Persuasion - The ability to convince other into doing something. Unlike intimidate, the subject will not know what the character is tring to do, if successful.

Street-wise - The understanding of the underworld and the dark-side of the streets. Knowing how to move about, and being part of it. The slang, signs, and codes becomes part of the character. Including the recognition of different people and who to make contact with.