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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book: Skills


Avoid Pursuit - When a character found himself being followed or tracked, he could use to skill to lose whoever following/tracking him. The tracker may try to roll a percentage higher then the one rolled by the character to stay on the trail. No roll is needed if the character failed the roll.

Concealment - Concealment is the skill to hide items on oneself or others without being detected. Or if clothing is a problem, the character may try to move the item around from one position to another without being detected. When the character is being searched, add 10 to the concealment roll the character is trying to make. If the character tries to conceal item on others, add 15 to the concealment roll to see if the subject notices. This skill can not be used to get items back after concealing on others. Pick pocket must be used.

Demolition - The knowledge of planting and disarming explosives. When planting fails, roll on the following chart with a 100-sided die, or two 10-sided dice:

1 - 20Explosive goes off as the character is planting it.
21 - 40Only half of it detonated; does half damage.
41 - 60Planting is not successful. A dud!
61 - 80The explosion went off too early.
81 - 100The explosion went off too late.

GM: Do not reveal whether the roll was successful and the effect until it goes off. Unless, of course, a number between one and twenty was rolled. When disarming explosives, there are 5 percent chance that it will detonate.

Detect Ambush - The ability to detect if any ambush is present. Also allow the character to choose an effective position for ambush. Subtract one from surprise roll when rolling surprise effect on the victim being ambushed.

Detect Concealment - The ability to detect items being concealed. Roll separate for each item.

Disguise - The ability to change one's face to look like someone else. Result rolls should not be reveal to the player on whether the disguise is successful.

Escape - The ability to escape after being captured. The skill of how to loosen knots and slipping out of handcuffs, etc.

Hiding - If your character can't kill something, and your character can't outrun it, your character's only hope is to hide.

Impersonation - This is the skill to act like another person. It is a must for a person to become another person. Perfect companion to the disguise skill. As with disguise, the character should not know whether he made the roll or not.

Infiltration - The ability to move into an environment without being detected. A roll must be made every few turns depending on the situation.

Sneak - Almost the same as hiding, though it allow the character to move about in a stealthy way. Used in the cities.

Sniping - The skill of assassinating others from a long distance without being detected until after it happened.