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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book: Skills


Aerospace - The understanding of aerodynamic and the designing of related equipments.

Architecture - The know-how of designing a structure or building.

Chemical - The ability to plan, design, and help construct chemical plants and equipments. Know how to handle and transport large quantities of toxic chemicals.

Civil - The planning and supervision of large construction projects. Like airports, bridges, canals, dams, highways, pipelines, sewerage systems, tunnels, and water supply systems. They also cooperate with architects to design all types of buildings.

Computer - The know-how of designing a computer system. This skill have no effect without electrical engineering skill.

Electrical - The know-how of designing electronic systems. Also allow a person to read electronic schemes.

Environmental - This relates to the prevention of air, noise, soil, and water pollution. And most important of all is toxic waste.

Mechanical - Designing of mechanical equipments, gears, and such. Everything that had to do with mechanical power.

Nuclear - Applies to the production and applications of nuclear energy and the uses of radiation and radioactive materials.