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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: The War of the Worlds

Martian Fighting-Machine (Tripod)

The Martian Fighting-Machine looks like a metal can with a circular cone-shaped roof on three long, retractable legs. As the tripod moves, green smoke leaks out of its leg joints. Most folks refer to the Fighting-Machine as a titan tripod because its height is about three times the height of a single-story house. There are various "articulate ropes of steel dangling from" its main body. The "long, flexible, glittering tentacles" can easily grab young pine trees to swing as it walked on. When multiple titan tripods move, the Martians tend to walk in single filed line, spread out by a mile and a half between each tripod.

The main body of the Fighting-Machine has a gigantic basket, make out of white metal, that looks like a fisherman's basket. The tripod uses the basket to hold captives, such as the humans it grabs with its tentacles.

Crew:             2

Main Body:        1500 hDP
Leg (Each):       50 hDP
Tentacles (Each): 30 hDP