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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: The War of the Worlds

Martian Black Smoke Tube

The Martian Black Tube is a biological weapon designed to eliminate human threats in a large area. The Black Tube fires off a cannister which, upon impact with the ground, discharges a thick black inky vapor. The cannister discharges the black vapor upward, creating a hill of blackness. Over time, the gaseous hill sinks and spreads itself to cover the surrounding terrains. The black vapor brings death to all living beings that inhale it.

In contact with water, the black vapor turns into powder that sinks slowly and is insoluble. Water neutralizes the powdery substance, preventing it from farther harm to living beings, even if the water is drunk. After the black vapor serves its purpose, the Martians will fire a jet of steam from the black tube to clear the poisonous vapor.

Action: 3
Damage: 1D4 DP per turn.