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Whirlpool Star Cluster

The unexplored Whirlpool Star Cluster lies between Vogar and Sanctuary. A Vogarian Vessel needs almost a thousand units of Elusium X fuel to cross the Whirlpool Star Cluster.


A planet in the Whirlpool Star Cluster. It is the home to the Alkorian race. Vogarians discovered this race by accident and found this planet to be rich in Elusium Ore. In fact the entire planet is composed of this ore. Vogarians plots to conquer this planet.


A planet discovered accidentally by the Saints after they overpowered the Vogar prison ship and landed there. The Saints made this planet their home as they preach the golden rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This planet is mostly unexplored and covered with native vegetation.

From "Vogarian Revised Encyclopedia":

Golden Saints, properly, Yellow Saints, a term of contempt applied by the Vogarian State Press to members of the Church Of The Golden Rule because of their opposition to the war then being planned against Alkoria. See CHURCHES.

A group of reactionary fanatics who resisted State control and advocated social chaos through "Individual Freedom." They were liquidated in the Unity Purge but for two-thousand of the more able-bodied, who were sentenced to the moon mines of Belen Nine. The prison ship never arrived there and it is assumed that the condemned Saints somehow overpowered the guards and escaped to some remote section of the galaxy.


Vogarian's home planet.

Belen Nine

Belen Nine is a moon orbiting the Vogar planet. Under the moon's surface is an abundance of rich radium ore. The radium ore is the core raw material used in manufacturing Vogarian weapons.

Elusium Ore

Vogar was originally rich in Elusium ore. Therefore it is used in virtually all Vogarian technology. The Elusium ore can be easily refined into Elusium X fuel that powers all Vogarian military vessels. However, after mining the Elusium ores for thousands of years, the ore is near depletion on the Vogar planet.