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Alkorian Battleship

Clearchan Spacecraft

The Clearchan Spacecraft has a basic shape of a large white globe. It is the most uniformly shaped vessel out of all known races.

Fast Pursuit Craft

The fast pursuit craft is the leady's primary assult jet interceptor. Weapon armament is light and restricted to a single laser blaster. The jet depends on its manuverability and the excellent dogfighting algorithm of the Leady pilot to air superiority.

Crew:          One pilot
Purpose:       Assult

Cruise Speed:  Mach 2
Maximum Speed: Mach 3
Range:         2700 miles

Toughness:     175 daDP
Weight:        2500 pounds

Laser Blaster
Action:        1
Damage:        1 kDP

Jet Helicopter

The Jet Helicopter on the planet Tepokt is very similar to a combination of jet and helicopter on Earth. It is capable of taking off vertically and hovering in one spot. Once it it in the air, it can also fly at speed comparable to a jet.

Crew:          One pilot; 5 passengers.
Purpose:       Transport

Maximum Speed: 200 mph
Range:         7 hours of air time.

Toughness:     500 daDP

Space Droid

Vitas Vessel

This Vitas vessel is one that is sent out to travel great distance in space. It's task is to seek out humanoid species to mutate and integrate into their own race. Onboard is a radiation research lab that is dedicated to determine the correct radiation mixture to mutate any humanoid lifeform. In addition, a large onboard mutation laboratory houses twenty mutation chambers dedicated to change humanoid lifeforms to Vitas.

The vessel is completely self contained. It includes living quarters for the alien race, food hall, and a number of simulated mineral mines. The vessel engine core produces enough radiation by-product for the crew's bathing pleasure.

Vogarian Cruiser

The Vogarian Cruiser's disintegrators can destroy a town within seconds.

Yaules Hovercraft

Crew:          One pilot; 5 passengers.
Purpose:       Assult Transport

Maximum Speed: 50 mph
Range:         500 miles.

Toughness:     100 hDP

Missile Tube
Action:        1
Blast Radius:  25 feet
Payload:       10

Yaules Submarine Jet

Crew:          One pilot; 3 passengers.
Purpose:       Scout

Maximum Speed: 450 mph
Range:         3200 miles.

Toughness:     25 hDP

Zantharian Scout Craft

The Zantharian Scout Craft is an one man spacecraft that is capable of carrying a Zantharian messager through space to a potential colonization planet. The Scout Craft looks like a silver needle. It travels at fantastic speed in space and can glide noiselessly through atmosphere. It is about eight feet long and three feet in diameter. The cap, which opens, allows the Zantharian messenger to enter and exit the spacecraft.

In addition to carrying the robot messenger, the Scout Craft has enough space for a Zantharian Beacon.