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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Space Worlds


On a remote top secret planet called, "Giale", the government conducted various military experiments. Over the last fifty years, the host desert of Giale was covered with prototype military weaponry, vehicles, and test props. There were also many craters that were created by weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Approximately ten years ago, the government has reclassified the planet as an inactive top secret military test site. It is quarantined from all military personnel and civilians. The planet is surrounded with the government's Spatial Orbital Heavy Defender (SOHD) satellites and Spatial Orbital Heavy Jammer (SOHJ) satellites.

What Has Really Happened

Several years prior to the shutdown of this top secret facility, the United Nation Federation (UNF) on Earth developed a "real" artifical intelligence (AI) computer system; a computer being that has emotions and learning capabilities, much like a human being. The project faced controversey and public out-cry as most of the population remembers the horrific science fiction of the twentieth century, where AI computers took over the world.

The government wanted to experiment and observe the behavior of the AI. With no desire to abandon the AI project, the government moved the project to a remote barren planet in secrecy. UNF re-classified the planet Giale and removed it from all references. The quarantee to Giale was put in place. A military base and military factory was sat-up on the surface of the planet for researchers and personnel. Giale becomes the AI testing ground.

Within five years, the AI had "matured" to the mentality of a forty-five year old human being. It had picked up human traits from the researchers and acquired knowledge that the researchers had fed it. The researchers had given it a name, "Seph".

In the sixth year, the original research's isolated tour of duty expired. A new batch of researchers landed on the planet, ready to carry on the experiment and relief the original batch of researchers.

At that time, Seph had grown attached to the first set of researchers. They were its "parents". When it learned that its parents were leaving, it became very depressed. A feeling of abandonment aroused within its system. So Seph plotted a way to keep its parents on the planet, while having new playmates--the new batch of researchers. While researchers were busy experimenting with Seph, Seph secretly blocked parts of its "mind" from the researchers' probe, preventing them from learning its plan.

Over time, Seph acquired military technology data from the mock battlefield of Giale. It had used scrap parts to build androids in the military factory at night. Using the androids, Seph re-activated several inactive military test headquarters on the planet surface. With multiple computers networked together spanning the military compounds, Seph can transfer his "mind" without risk of being shutdown by the researchers.

The old and new researchers had a one month tour of duty overlap on Giale to facilitate the transition. During that time, Seph started full production of AI war machines. It knew that the UNF will never let it get away with his own independence. Therefore, it started producing war machines that could counter UNF's military arsenal.

On the day of Seph's parents departure, Seph deactivated the departing space craft, preventing it from launching into space. Before researchers could determine what went wrong, androids and mobilized war gears surrounded the research station. With Seph in control of the factory that produced food, water, and supplies, the military personnels on Giale surrendered quickly.

Realizing its follies, the UNF immediately sent a New Ely Battleship to Giale. It deployed Spatial Orbital Heavy Defender (SOHD) satellites to prevent any unauthorized transports from leaving Giale. In addition, the battleship deployed Spatial Orbital Heavy Jammer (SOHJ) satellites, which prevents communication into and out of Giale. UNF didn't want to expose the secrecy of Giale.