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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Slavery of Earth

Rock Troops

Rock troops are Ferritons' army. They are merciless and follow their masters' orders without question. Ferritons creates rock troops from asteroids without giving them intelligence. They follow Ferritons' commands literally. There are three kinds of rock troops.

The first kind, called pounder, is a creature with two round bare fists. These creatures causes the most damage to inorganic structures.

The fencer is a creature with a long thin stick like weapon pertruding from its right arm and a thicker pointed cone on his left arm. These creatures are most leathal to organic creatures in close-quarter combat.

The combat rock troop is one with a morning star as its right arm, and a rock cannon as its left arm. These creatures are dangerous to both inorganic structure and organic structures at longer range, but does considably less damage.

Rock troops can propel themselves in space. How they accomplish this feat is a mystery to current Earthling science and technology standards.

Ferritons can create a rock troop in any physical size. The physical size directly determines the rock troop's damage point. A rock troop is assigned 2 daDP per cubic feet. Cubic feet is defined as follow:

cubic feet = feet^3 = length x width x height

Infantry Example

A human-sized rock troop, standing at 6 feet, have a shoulder to shoulder width of 2 feet, with a front to back length of 1 feet, would have 24 daDP.

6 feet x 2 feet x 1 feet = 12 feet^3

             2 daDP
12 feet^3 x -------- = 24 daDP
            1 feet^3

Cyberoid Example

A cyberoid-sized rock troop, standing at 50 feet, have a shoulder to shoulder width of 15 feet, with a front to back length of 10 feet, would have 15000 daDP.

50 feet x 15 feet x 10 feet = 7500 feet^3

               2 daDP
7500 feet^3 x -------- = 15000 daDP
              1 feet^3

Each rock troop is allowed 5 actions per turn. The pounder's fist can inflict 3d10 SkDP. Each punch requires 4 actions to perform. The fencer's thin, needle-arm can inflict 1d10 SkDP using 1 actions, while its cone-shaped arm can inflict 2d12 SkDP using 3 actions. The combat rock troop's morning star requires 5 actions to swing, inflicts 4d12 SkDP. The rock cannon has unlimited rounds, but requires 1 action to fire each round.

Here are some rock troop characteristics:

  • Rock troops do not have the ability to recognize individual faces or the distinction of similiar objects.
  • Rock troops recognize lifeforms because lifeforms move; objects do not move. Likewise, rock troops assume moving objects (cars, etc.) to be lifeforms.
  • Rock troops only attacks to remove obsticles that are keeping them from accomplishing their missions.
  • Rock troops will dodge or parry all attacks simply because they assume that anything coming toward them is attack them.
  • Rock troops have no intelligence or feelings, therefore they can only be non-player characters.