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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Slavery of Earth: Ferriton


The Ferriton's planetoid is about 1200 miles in diameter (1200 GDP). Surrounding the asteroid are thousands of booster ports (500 kDP each) to manuver the ship. These booster ports also serve as the entrance and the exit to the vessel. The surface of the asteroid are covered by rock bumps of various sizes. In reality, these bumps are actually rock troops.

In the middle of this artificial planetoid, is Ferriton's core reactor. The core reactor is the main engine, propelling the ship. Its technology is similar to the nuclear fusion technology created by humans. Anything travelling through the tunnel, into the reactor, would burn up and decompose into individual atoms.

Four hanger bays surround the booster entrance port; left, right, up, and down. The hanger bays are where the Ferriton store their transports, Scathe fighters, and other materials. The hanger bays are the only way into the corridors of the ship.

When players enter the hanger bay, roll on the following table to see what is being stored there (1d6):

  1. empty
  2. wreckage
  3. crates
  4. transports; 1d4
  5. fighters; 1d20
  6. 1 transport, 1d10 fighters

Each hanger bay will always contain 10 Ferriton guards, in addition to the above roll; unless the hanger bay is empty.

If the players ever get pass the hanger bay, and enters the corridor of the ship, start rolling on the following chart (1d8):

  1. corridor leads straight
  2. corridor leads right
  3. corridor leads left
  4. corridor leads up
  5. corridor leads down
  6. corridor leads to a 2-way intersection
  7. corridor leads to a 3-way intersection
  8. corridor leads to a 4-way intersection

After each roll, roll a percentage die for 30% chance that there would be Ferriton guards. If encounter occurs, roll 1d6 to determine the number of guards.

Also roll 10% chance of encounter doorway to a room. The room may be one of the following (1d8):

  1. living quarters
  2. crynogenic storage
  3. laboratory
  4. restroom
  5. cafeteria
  6. engine room
  7. sick bay
  8. main bridge

There is only one main bridge in the planetoid. This room is where Sigor and Vigor command the ship. The players should not be allowed to stumble here until they have been working through the maze for a while. We will leave it up to the GM to decide.