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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Slavery of Earth


Mission Briefing

Read to the players:

In a room about half the size of a basketball court, sat three squadrens of fighter pilots. The walls of the room is white with a tint of yellow caused by the light panels on the ceiling. The chairs under each pilot is made of metal, that causes uncomfortness if the pilot sit casually. A door behind the three squadrens, facing the briefing commander, is the only way in, and out.

"Men . . ." said the commander, pausing. "And women. You are gathered today because an unidentified boogie have revealed itself outside the asteroid belt 30 minutes ago. It could be nothing, but our hunches tell us it is not.

"It is not, because the object is about 1200 miles in diameter. Any bozo, who has been out here long enough, would know that the largest asteroid we know about is only a tad bigger than 620 miles in diameter.

"Therefore, we need you to find out what it is. Each of your Strikers have been retro-fitted with a camera set. We urge you to take as many pictures as you can of this object. We will then have our scientists study the pictures and determine what it is.

"Any trigger-happy firing without the concent of the base commander, or without being fired upon, will be the subject of a court martial. Do I make myself clear?" The briefing commander looks around before continuing.

"Now, you will be transported on two shuttles. It will carry you through the dimensional gate orbiting Mars. The destination would be just outside he asteroid belt.

"Two squadrens . . . you and you." The commander stops and point out two squadrens. (GM: The players should be in one of these two squads.) ". . . are scouts to gather infomation on this object. You will be dropped off at the destination. Fly to the object, and gather as much as you can. The shuttles will be waiting at the drop off point, or around there. The third squadren will guard the shuttles which might be endangered by the bandits in the asteroid belt.

"U.N.V. Amanda battle cruiser will be in a neighboring sector. Once your mission is complete, coordination of its whereabout will be sent to your shuttles. The shuttles will then carry you to the cruiser and send you back home. Questions?" The commander looks around again, while shuffling his briefing papers. "If not, then good luck."


Read to the players:

After boarding the shuttle, you found that all your equipment have already been stowed aboard. You strap yourselves in for the launch.

The launch was smooth and easy, you feel like you can doze off. But you know better. Within 10 minutes the shuttles would have flown through the dimensional gate, and be transported instantly to the destination. When you arrive, you may be facing the deadly force of the bandits. Or the unknown force of the unidentified object.

A sudden blood rush ran through your body; it made your head light and drowzy. You know you have just gone through the dimensional gate. The fighter escort must be surrounding the shuttles outside. You wonder if the bandits are aware of them. Quickly, you fight off the drowziness, unstrap yourselves, and head for your fighter. The adventure has begun . . .

The Planetoid

Once the scout squadrens are close to the planetoid, they will see the boosters, and determine that the planetoid is apparently artificial. During this time, the non-player scout squadren will suggest that the two squads split-up to cover more area. They may farther suggest that each squad to split-up into teams.

A 30 minute search will reveal nothing. The planetoid is moving toward the asteroid belt. Everything seems at peace. All the players sees are rocks and boosters, no hatches or any other features. However, the surface of the planetoid is not smooth. Instead, it is covered with round bumps of various sizes. If any of these bumps is disturbed, the bump will reveal itself as a rock troop and attack. After each shot fired, during the skirmish, roll a percentage die. There is a 15 percent chance that shots of the players weapons will disturb another rock troop on the surface.

Anytime before the players enter a booster port (if they ever do), or just before they do, send the following transmission to them:

"Shuttle 1 to scout squadrens, a group of bandits are moving your way. ETA is 5 minutes. Mars Base 2 advise against direct confrontation with them during this critical situation."

Roll 1d6 to determine how many bandits. ETA stands for Estimated Time to Arrive. The bandits are also moving toward the planetoid to determine what it is. However, they will attack the UN forces. And their shots may end up disturbing the rock troops as well.

When the players moves into a booster port, the infrare/thermo sensors on the Strikers will indicate a 5 way intersection. The path moving straight to the core of the planetoid will generate massive amount of heat. Their presence in the booster will activate security in one of the hanger bay; 1d6 Scathes will emerge from one of the hanger. More than likely, they will try to neutralize the fighters and bring them in for examination.

During the skirmish, or if the player do not enter the boosters, they will hear transmissions from the other scout squadren, crying for help. If they are not in skirmish, they will be able to assist the other scout defeating 1d10 rock troops.

Immediately after the skirmishes, Mars Base 2, trying to avoid a war with aliens, will issue a mission accomplished signal to recall the three squadrens.

On the way back, the scouts can either see their shuttles under attack by bandits, or bandits attack them on the way to the cruiser. Or they can simply have a safe trip home.