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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Simon and Lief Robot Builders

MAS Cyberoid Parts Catalog

Images shown in the parts catalog are example illustrations. You are welcome to exercise your own creativity to draw you own part for your cyberoid.

Main Body

Main body is the core of your cyberoid. It's like a foundation to build your cyberoid on. You can pick from several body shapes.

Spherical Body - Space: 5. Volume: 0.
Cone-Shaped Body - Space: 5. Volume: 0.
Cylindrical-Shaped Body - Space: 9. Volume: 0.
Trapezoid-Shaped Body - Space: 12. Volume: 0.
Rectangular-Shaped Body - Space: 16. Volume: 0.

Power Source

Each cyberoid must have a power supply. The power supply rating must exceed the maximum amount of spaces (all of the spaces from all of the parts) a cyberoid has. Otherwise, the cyberoid is overloaded and cannot perform its function. Each of these power sources provides a drone with 10 years of maintenance-free service.

Ionic Propulsor - Power Rating: 25. Space: 0. Volume: 2.
Morphic Propulsor - Power Rating: 30. Space: 0. Volume: 4.
Graviphased Propulsor - Power Rating: 35. Space: 0. Volume: 6.
Giatonic Propulsor - Power Rating: 50. Space: 0. Volume: 7.


Giving the cyberoid a head makes the cyberoid look more human. It gives your cyberoid an identity. It is not entirely necessary. But it does give you some extra spaces for equipment. Space: 3. Volume: 1.


Action: 1. Punch Damage: 1D4 SkDP. Space: 3. Volume: 1.


Action: 1. Punch Damage: 1D4 SkDP. Space: 2. Volume: 1.

Blunt Claw

Action: 1. Piercing Damage: 1D4 SkDP. Spacing 0, Volume 1.

Sharp Claw

Action: 1. Piercing Damage: 1D8 SkDP. Spacing 0, Volume 1.


Action: 1. Kick Damage: 1D8 SkDP. Space: 5. Volume: 1.


Action: 1. Kick Damage: 1D8 SkDP. Space: 2. Volume 1.


Space: 2. Speed: 60 MPH. Volume: 5.


Space: 0. Speed: 100 MPH. Volume: 1.


Each piece of additional armor gives your cyberoid an extra 5 kDP in the part that the armor is placed in. Space: 0. Volume: 1.

Anti-Radiation Shielding

This shielding prevents sensitive electronics and the pilot from radiation exposure in highly radioactive environment. Without it, the cyberoid and pilot has the potential to be damaged by radiation. Space: 0. Volume: 1.

Pilot Interfaces

Remote Interface Module

The remote interface module allows the pilot to communicate with the cyberoid wirelessly using remote control. The remote interface module has a range of 1 mile. Because the pilot is not sitting in the cyberoid cockpit, all cyberoid operations have a -2 penalty. Space: 0. Volume: 1.

Cyberoids built by Simon and Lief must have the remote interface module. Simon and Lief uses the Remote Interface Modules to control the cyberoids with their notebook computers.


By providing a cockpit, you provide a seat for the cyberoid pilot. Space: 0. Volume: 1.

Simon and Leif's father, Colby, has disabled this part from the automated Cyberoid Assembly Factory to protect his sons' safety.

Flight Equipment


Provides vertical lift like a helicoptor or directional force like propeller plane. Space: 0. Volume: 1.

Jet Thruster

Provides powered boost for your winged cyberoid to fly in atmosphere. Space: 0. Volume: 1.

Pair of Wings

Lets your cyberoid glide in atmosphere and gives your cyberoid the ability to change direction in flight. You might want to get some jet thrusters to to fly in atmosphere. Space: 0. Volume: 2

Space Thruster

Allows your cyberoid to propel itself in space. Space: 0. Volume: 2.


Energy Hammer

This is a warhammer that is made entirely out of energy. Cyberoids can use this weapon to pound their enemies. Action: 2. Damage: 2D10 kDP. Space: 0. Volume: 1.

Finger Blaster

Finger blaster requires cyberoid to have a hand. But it actually takes up space in the arms module. Actions: 1 to extend; 1 to retract; and 1 to fire.. Damage: 1D4 kDP. Space: 0. Volume: 1.

Laser Saw

Laser saw has a circular saw blade that is composed of light energy. Action: 1. Damage: 1D10 kDP. Space: 0. Volume: 1.

Techno-Energentic Drill

This is a powerful drill that lets cyberoids to dig and burrel underground. You can also use it to attack other cyberoids with it. Action: 3. Damage: 3D10 kDP. Space: 0. Volume: 4.

Pinpoint Rifle

This is a sniper rifle for your cyberoid. Your cyberoid requires two hands to use this weapon. Action: 3. Damage: 1d6 x 10 kDP.


Loud Speaker

Allows the drone to make sounds, provide speech, or play music. Space: 0. Volume: 1.