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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Simon and Lief Robot Builders

Designing a Drone

Designing a drone is accomplished in the same manner as designing a cyberoid. You just pick parts from the MAS Drone Parts Catalog, decide how to connect them together. MAS drone assembly factory will assemble your drone for you when you place an order. There are only a few simple rules that you have to follow. Use the Drone Design Sheet to make it easy.

Each drone part has a "space" and "volume" listing. The "space" specification defines how much room there is to contain other parts. The "volume" defines how much room a part will take up. Each part must be connected to only one other part on the drone. Each drone must have a power supply to power it. The power supply rating is the maximum number of spaces (all of the spaces from all of the parts) a drone has. Each drone must have, at least, one control module.

Damage Points

Your drone damage points are calculated from the space and volume specification. Each space and volume is 1 DP. So a robot part with three spaces and one volume has 4 DP.


Like damage points, the monetary cost of a part is based on the "space" and "volume" specification of a part. Each space/volume costs 100 local currency unit (say 100 dollars). So a part with three "space" and one "volume" costs 400 dollars. The cost of building a drone is the cost of all of its parts added up.