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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Simon and Lief Robot Builders

Designing a Cyberoid

It is easy to build a cyberoid. All you have to do is to pick parts from the MAS Cyberroid Parts Catalog, decide how to connect them together, and the cyberoid assembly factory will assemble the mecha for you. There are only a few rules that you need to follow. Use the Cyberoid Design Sheet to make it easy.

Each cyberoid part has a "space" and "volume" listing. The "space" specification defines how much room there is, within the part, to hold other parts. The volume determines how many spaces a part will take up inside another part. Each part must be connected to only one other part on the cyberoid. Each cyberoid must have a power supply to power it. The power supply rating is the maximum amount of spaces (all of the spaces from all of the parts) a cyberoid carry. Each cyberoid must have the remote interface module to be remote controlled. Or it must have a cockpit for a pilot.

Damage Points

Your cyberoid damage points are calculated from the "space" and "volume" specification. Each "space" and "volume" is 10 kDP. So a part with three "space" and one "volume" has 40 kDP.

Mecha Size

Each "space" and each "volume" is equivalent to 50 cubic meter. You can use this information to figure out how big your cyberoid is in real life.


Like damage points, the monetary cost of a part is based on the "space" and "volume" specification of a part. Each space/volume costs 10000 local currency unit (say 10000 dollars). So a part with three space and one volume costs 40000 dollars. The cost of building a cyberoid is the cost of all of its parts added up.