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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Simon and Lief Robot Builders

Background Information

Unknown to Simon and Leif, all of their cyberoid designs, combat results, and manufacturing operations, at their country-side facility, are recorded automatically. These data are then transmitted to the cyberoid development team at MAS headquarter. MAS cyberoid development team studies and analyzes these design to build capable robots for sale.

With the success of its cyberoid division, MAS started a human-sized robot division. They called the human-size robot, "drone". The MAS concept of designing and building a drone followed the same footstep as its cyberoid division, except on a human-sized scale. MAS drone development team made several control modules for the drone. One interface provided artificial intelligence to the drone, bringing an era of intelligent robot servents to society.

Colby has not provided Simon and Leif the facility to design and produce drones. However, there are autonomous drones working within their facility.

Cyberoid Assembly Factory

The Cyberoid Assembly Factory is completely automated from robot assembly down to custodial chores. The automation is performed by specialized robotic arms and generic human-sized robots (drones). The automated machines, in the Cyberoid Assembly Factory, will ignore any lifeform presence by working around them. The operation will only suspend if there is a safety risk in the assembly line. This is a low-production factory made for prototyping. It can assembly one cyberoid every two days; far from mass production. MAS will restock cyberoid parts at the factory through its automated distribution system.

Cyberoid Combat Arena

The Cyberoid Combat Arena is an indoor, football-size field that Simon and Lief uses to test out their prototype robot. Simon and Leif can control their cyberoid from their personal laptop computers from anywhere in the mansion. But there is a protected overhead booth, in the arena, where Simon and Leif can control and observe the action. At the end of the day, automated drones will clean up the arena and salvage any re-usable parts.