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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Simon and Lief Robot Builders


You and your friend play as Simon and Leif. You can either use the sample Simon and Leif characters or roll up your own based on Cyno's Role-Play rules. The characters should be between the age of 10 and 20, but can be male or female of any age.

The Cyno's Role-Play rule book is required to play this game. In addition, the Future Earth supplements explains the cyberoid technology. But the Future Earth is not absolutely necessary, if you can simply accept the concept that cyberoid are gigantic robots.

Scaling the Games

These adventures are designed for one GM and two players. The GM will run the games, while the two players will play the Simon and the Leif characters. If there are additional players, they could roll up characters as friends to Simon and Leif.

Arena Duel

After building cyberoids. Simon and Leif can test out their design in their Cyberoid Combat Arena. Use Cyno's Role-Play rules to play and determine the outcome of combat. At the end of day, the cyberoids will be damaged or destroyed. It will take the Cyberoid Assembly Factory one day to fix a damaged cyberoid and two days to assemble a new cyberoid. It takes the automated robots one day to clean up the Cyberoid Combat Arena.