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M1070 Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET)


Transport, deploy, recover and evacuate combat-loaded main battle tanks and other heavy tracked and wheeled vehicles to and from the battlefield.

Description and Specifications

The Heavy Equipment Transport System (HETS) consists of the M1070 Truck Tractor and the M1000 Heavy Equipment Transporter Semi-trailer. The HETS transports payloads up to 70 tons ? primarily Abrams tanks. It operates on highways worldwide (with permits), secondary roads, and cross-country. The HETS has a number of features that significantly improve the mobility and overall performance of the system in a tactical environment. The M1070 tractor has front- and rear-axle steering, a central tire-inflation system, and cab space for six personnel to accommodate the two HETS operators and four tank crewmen. The M1000 semi-trailer has automatically steerable axels and a load-leveling hydraulic suspension.

  • Tractor Length:   358 in
  • Tractor Width:   102 in
  • Trailer Length:   622 in
  • Trailer Width (at rear bumper):   144.8 in
  • Tractor Curb Weight:   41,000 lbs
  • Trailor Curb Weight:   50,000 lbs
  • Payload:   140,000 lbs
  • Engine:   500 horsepower Detroit Diesel
  • Transmission:   5-speed automatic
  • Speed:   40-45 mph on highway (25-30 mph with 70 ton payload)
  • Range:   300 mi
  • Fording:   28 in
  • Air Transportability:   C-5A and C-17
  • Entered Army Service: 1993
  • Manufacturer: Tractor (Oshkosh Truck - Oshkosh, WI), Semitrailer (Systems & Electronics, Inc - St Louis, MO)