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Apache Longbow

Apache line art


Conducts rear, close, and shaping missions including deep precision strike. Conducts distributed operations, precision strikes against relocatable targets, and provides armed reconnaissance when required in day, night, obscured battlefield and adverse weather conditions.

Description and Specifications

The AH-64 Apache is U.S. Army's heavy division/corps attack helicopter. The AH-64D Longbow remanufacture effort incorporates a millimeter wave fire control radar (FCR), radar frequency interferometer (RFI), fire-and-forget radar-guided HELLFIRE missile and cockpit management and digitization enhancements. The combination of the FCR, RFI, and the advanced navigation and avionics suite of the aircraft provide increased situational awareness, lethality and survivability.

  • Combat Mission:   167 mph
  • Combat Range:   300 miles
  • Combat Endurance:   2.5 hours
  • Length:   49 ft 5 in
  • Mission Weight:   16,600 lbs
  • Armament:   HELLFIRE missiles, 2.75? rockets and 30mm chain gun
  • Crew:   2 (pilot and co-pilot gunner)
  • Entered U.S. Army Service: AH-64 (1984); AH-64D (1998) Manufacturer: Airframe - Boeing; Fire Control Radar - Northrup Grummen; Lockheed Martin; MTADS/PNVS - Lockheed Martin; Boeing