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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Future Mars

Mars Bases

Mars Base 1 - Military Academy

All personnel stationed on Mars must pass through the training program provided by Mars Base 1. GM: A group of new recruits graduating would be an excellent place to start a campaign.

Mars Base 2 - Military Defense/Surveillance Facility

Mars Base 2 is the main military "airstrip" on Mars. More than three-fourth of all troops and military spacecrafts are stationed there. It has the largest launching pad in the solar system. it is capable of launching a fourth of its fighters at the same time.

Mars Base 3 - Solar System Monitoring Facility

Mars Base 3 is the newest, but the smallest military base on Mars. Unlike the other bases, it did not start as a colony, and was estabilished only to monitor and survey the solar system. All United Nations Federation's surveilance satellite links are directed here. Half of the surveillance/reconnaissance team at Mars Base 2 report directly to Mars Base 3.

Currently, Mars Base 3 consists of only four structures: 1. Main control center; 2. Satellite receiving tower; 3. Launching pad; 4. Transport depot. The launching pad is for launching space transport vehicles. A number of emergency escape pods are always attached to an escape terminal on a corner of the launching pad. Three underground tunnels from each of the other three structures lead directly to the escape terminal. Transport depot is where all the vehicles are stored and maintained.

Mars Base 4 - Military Command

Mars Base 4 is the main coordinator of all operations on and around Mars. Although the base consists of a single building, a launching pad, and a number of communication modules, the real base starts several hundred feet underground. All of the top secret research and development are conducted in the underground laboritory. Mars Base 4 also serves as a bomb shelter.

Mars Base 5 - Cyberoid Design/Test Facility

Mars Base 5 is the most famous cyberoid testing facility on Mars. It was originally a industrial colony, sponsored and funded by United Nations Federation. It was established to build cyberoids for labor purposes. During the revolution, Mars Base 5 helped the colonists equip laboring cyberoids with military armaments. After the war, the base specializes in designing and testing military cyberoids.