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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Future Mars: Cyberoids

U.N. Cyberoids

C-33 Strikeroid

The C-33 Strikeroid is designed and built on Mars Base 5. The purpose of this cyberoid is to alleviate the problems caused by space bandits in the asteroid belt. Its design is based on the SF-33 Striker now in service. The head of the Strikeroid is SF-33's core, while the shields are the wings of a Striker fighter.

The Strikeroid may seem weak at first, but the primary purpose of it is to strike hard and fast without the enemy knowing what hit them. The two shields can actually blast off as cruise missiles. The two tri-pod feet are magnetic suction cups. They can be detached and used as mines.

It is possible, in the future, that a SF-33 Striker will be able to attach and integrate itself to a C-33 body. Rumor says that a top-secret prototype is already in operation.

Crew:         One
Purpose:      Strike

Designer:     Robotic Science
Manufacturer: United FOX

Engine:       Engine Dynamics 88NF
              Nuclear Fusion Type
Range:        2400 miles
Speed:        140 mph
Actions: 1
Damage:  1d4 SkDP

Actions: 1
Damage:  1d8 SkDP

Nose Cannon
Actions: 1
Damage:  1d10 SkDP

Shield Cannon
Actions: 2
Damage:  2d10 SkDP

Cruise Missile Shield
Actions: 3
Damage:  4d6 x 10 kDP;
         1d4 kDP for stabbing

Tri-pod Magnetic Suction Mine
Actions: 1 to detach;
         1 more to detonate
Damage:  2d6 x 10 kDP
Arms:     50 kDP each
Body:    100 kDP
Head:     25 kDP
Legs:     75 kDP each
Shields: 200 kDP each

Random Hit Location (1d20)
  1   Head
 2-4  Body
 5-7  Left Shield
 8-10 Right Shield
11-13 Left Leg
14-16 Right Leg
17-18 Left Arm
19-20 right Arm

C-33II Strikeroid II

The C-33II Strikeroid II is basically the C-33 Strikeroid. However, the head is replaced by the core of the Striker II, and the shields are replaced by the blasters. Only a limited number of Strikeroid II are produced.

See the SF-33II Striker II and C-33 Strikeroid section for stats of individual components.