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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Future Mars: Cyberoids

High-tech Cyberoids

Bandits have recently received shipments of new high-tech cyberoids. The sources of these cyberoids are unknown. It could have been a corporation paying dues, or a rival U.N. federation fueling the war. U.N. investigators are currently investigating the situation.

The Brute

This cyberoid, named 'The Brute' by the bandits, is a much stronger and tougher counterpart to the C-33 Strikeroid. The multi-burst energy cannon mounted under the head is capable of firing eight bursts using only a single action. However, firing the cannon three turns in a row immediately causes the cannon to over heat. It takes two turns to cool the cannon down.

At first glance, the Strikeroid may seem easily beaten by the Brute. However, the pilot of the Strikeroid are trained professionals, while the bandits are generally untrained in cyberoid combat.

Crew:         One
Purpose:      Assault/Defense

Designer:     Unknown
Manufacturer: Unknown

Engine:       Nuclear Fusion
Range:        1500 miles
Speed:        75 mph
Actions: 2
Damage:  1d10 SkDP

Actions: 2
Damage:  1d12 SkDP

Multi-Burst Energy Cannon
Actions: 1
Damage:  1d20 SkDP per burst
Rate:    8 bursts per action
Arms:    150 kDP each
Body:    250 kDP
Head:     75 kDP
Legs:    150 kDP each

Random Hit Location (1d6)
  1   Head
  2   Body
  3   Left Leg
  4   Right Leg
  5   Left Arm
  6   right Arm