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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Future Earth


New Ely Battleship

Omega Star Ship

  1. Bridge and essential operation stations;
  2. Ship weapon stations and cyberoid hangers;
  3. Civilian and sentinel personnel area (main body);
  4. Portal views;
  5. Cyberoid stations;
  6. Ship operations (main body, lower deck);
  7. Lower ship weapon stations, cyberoid hangers, and shield control.

Weapon Systems

  • Reflex cannons
    • Long-range anti-starship cannons
    • Short-range plasma cannons
    • Anti-spacecraft cannons
  • Missiles
    • Anti-starship missiles
    • Anti-cruiser missiles
    • Anti-spacecraft missiles

Defense Systems

  • Main shields
  • Omega shields
  • Anti-missile phaser
  • Cloaking system
  • Battle armor