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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Future Earth

U.N.F. Exterminator Suit

The U.N.F. Exterminator Suit is made with a fine, black fabric that is fire resistant. Further, aluminum alloy plates are wrapped around the shoulders, forearms, and legs to protect against possible attacks. A thinner piece is used as breast-plate.


The helmet is made with super-hard ABS plastic with a special formulated coating that reflects heat. Built into the helmet is a head-up-display (H.U.D.), which includes a passive light-amplification system, an active infrared system, and a thermo-imager.

The passive light-amplification system is an image intensifier system that electronically amplifies existing ambient light in dark areas to provide a visible picture. In completely dark environments, where no ambient light is available, the active infrared system emits infrared light invisible to the human eye. The invisible infrared beam is detectable by the H.U.D. and other infrared detection devices to display a clear picture in the H.U.D. The thermo-imager detects infrared light waves given off by heat sources and converts them to images for the H.U.D. Their maximum range is 400 meters (1312.34 feet).


The standard equipment of the U.N. Exterminator is a flame-thrower. The flame-thrower's range is 10 meters (32.81 feet). It has a strike bonus of +5. And it may be fired ten times per reload. It does 1D4 DP when hit. There is a 50% chance that the target may catch on fire (GM may change the percentage based on the material being fired upon). When the target is on fire, the target receives 1D4 DP per combat round. The flame-thrower has a penetration rating of 0.