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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Future Earth: Introduction

Legion of the Techno-Doom

Through the recent era, human civilization has advanced at an exponential rate. It is quite common for one controversial technology to reveal itself while another one is still hotly debated. Many extremists agree that the quick rate of advancement means the eventual destruction of humanity. Therefore, a group has decided to shoulder the burden of ending human technology advancement.

Unfortunately, their lobbying method is through the use of destructive force. To drive their point home, they routinely digs up old toy patents of the twentieth century as plans to build large destructive cyberoids. They wanted to show the world that even relatively harmless inventions could bring destruction to humanity in the long run. The name of their organization depict the sarcasm in their attitude. These extremists call themselves the Legion of the Techno-Doom.

Often the destructive cyberoids are unmanned and remote controlled. So far, none of the Legion of the Techno-Doom members have been caught. Hence, there are no leads to the organizers. Ever since the U.N.F. Investigators and the Special Task Force have realized that the cyberoids are under remote control, they have started tracing the control signal. At the same time, the Legion of the Techno-Doom is in the process of integrating destructive artificial intelligence into their cyberoids to eliminate the remote control link in future cyberoids.