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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Future Earth: Introduction


In the 22nd century, gang activities in metropolis-areas increase by ten-folds. Astonishing amount of areas in large neo-metropolises falls into the hands of various violent gang groups. Rival gangs fight among themselves over the territories, causing massive desertation of the cities. These desolated areas are considered as gang territories.

The gangs are very well equipped with advance military fire-power. Most of their equipment are obtained cheaply from the black market. The police forces are no match for these high-tech gangs. Police officers are still using handguns, for public safety, that are inferior to the assult rifles that most gang members carry.

The citizens and the police force are frustrated. Citizens refuse to live and work in these gang territories. Police officers also refuse to serve there, causing further desolation. With the risk of injury higher than fifty percent, most of them are unwilling to take the risk, even if their lowly-paid salaries are to increase.

Corporate Involvement

A majority of gang bosses are working with or under the control of large coporations. Some of them are even corporate associates. The corporations use these gang groups to take over territories in neo-metropolises. Then they purchase these territories from frustrated owners for a very low price. If the owner of a property do not sell, the gangs will continue to harass and threaten the property owner. Once the corporations obtain possession of the properties, they are renovated into corporate facilities.

To support the gang activiates, corporations smuggle military equipment into the black market for gang members to purchase. The corporations may even go as far as intentionally setting up low security warehouses and arrange gang raids. To keep gangs under control, corporations distribute controlled substances into gang territories. Once the gang population is addicted, they need more. Eventually, the gangs fall under the mercy of the corporations. In the end, corporations became major contenders for political powers.


With crime on the rise, the government is forced to spend more of its budget on equipping its law-enforcement forces. The government is forced to purchase additional equipment from the corporations that sell the equipment. This circular effect gives the corporations even more incentive to ignite gang wars.

The government sees the problem. But it has already lost quite a bit of its political power to the corporations. It is unable to convince the police forces to enforce the law in troubled areas. Gangs are quick to eliminate any law-enfocement agencies that the government establishes in gang territories.

To fight the gang wars, the government decides to establish a new law enforcement force called the Gang Crusher Commando Force (GCCF). The Gang Crusher Commando Force will will attempt to slowly, but surely secure gang infected terroritories, enforce the law, and eliminate gang activities. Unlike traditional law-enforcement agencies, there are fewer members in GCCF, but they are trained with military combat techniques and are better equipped with military-grade fire-power.

Gang Crusher Commando Force (GCCF)

The GCCF consists of members who are motivated to put their life at risk to benefit society as a whole. Most of them have less to loose compared to an average police officer. Prior to entering the GCCF Academy, a GCCF member might lack a family, lack a career, and lack a promising future. It is likely they join GCCF to make something out of themselves.

The main purpose of the GCCF is to stop the conspiracy of the corporations, to stop the gang wars, and to enforce justice. They must enforce the law by eliminating the source of criminal intent.

GCCF is made up of different teams of GCCF officers. Each team consists of three officers and one team leader. Upon given an assignment, the team is on their own and will receive no further aids unless truly necessary. Other than the general rules defined in the GCCF Code book, there are no strict rules for a GCCF officer to follow. But team cooperation is necessary for its survival.

Through out an operation, GCCF members will be monitored by the headquarter with the video/audio transmitter carried by each member. The transmittions are monitored by a Commando Support personnel or a number of them. The transmitter is to be carried at all times. To ensure the officers are not doing anything abusive, the officers will be put on trial if the transmitters are turned off intentionally at anytime during the mission. Turning off the transmitter without an authorized reason is a crime.