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Howie Corporated

AP Sniper Scope

AP Sniper Scope features a computerized calculation system for measuring windage, elevation, direction, and target velocity adjustments. It also has night vision, thermo vision, and zoom capability. The lens are coated with chemical for brighter and clearer vision. The same chemical prevents fogging. The scope is made of carbon steel. It is shock and water proof.

Bonus to hit:  +3 when aimed with the AP Scope.

Howie G7

The Howie G7 is a 7th generation .40 caliber pistol. The gun is light weight, because it is made of polymer. However, the slide, the barrel, and other moving parts are made out of metal alloy for reliability. The gun is fire resistant and rust-proof. It even works after being frozen or being submerged underwater. Most of the problems, loose slide, melting barrel, that plagued historical handguns have been eliminated with the G7. It can fire either conventional or the new Perforator bullet. Each cartridge can hold 15 rounds, staggered.

A laser targetting sight is available for attachment to this gun. It provides roll to strike bonus by +1 when the character uses it to aim in close-quarters.

Action:        1 to fire; 2 to reload
Damage:        2D4 DP
Magazine:      15 rounds
Penetration:   10
Range:         100 yards
Sights:        Bright white dot on front blade,
               which glows to bright green at night.
               Rear notch with outline.
Perforator Bullet

The Perforator bullet is in a .40 cartridge. It is modeled after the Black Talon Hollow Point bullet, which gave it the claw like appearance. Even though it is a hollow point bullet, it can penetrate several feet of concrete.

Damage:        1 daDP
Penetration:   15

HC-223 Bullpup

The HC-223 Bullpup is a light-weight assault rifle. The rifle is made up of a fire resistant polymer. It has carbon steel lining to support the moving parts. The rifle is able to perform in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic mode with a flick of a switch. It comes equipped with a laser sight. The barrel is cooled with vents near the front of the gun. The bullpup is rarely used as a sniper rifle, but with the AP Sniper Scope, the bullpup is accurate up to 700 yards.

Action:        1 to fire; 2 to reload
Barrel:        Carbon steel; 24.5 inches
Caliber:       .223
Damage:        2D6 DP
Grip:          Rubber molded
Length:        39 inches
Magazine:      30 rounds
Mechanism:     Gas
Penetration:   12
Range:         Laser, 100 yards;
               normal, 200 yards;
               AP Scope, 700 yards.
Sights:        Front sight blade. Rear adjustable.
Trigger:       3.75 lbs.
Weight:        6 lbs., 15 oz.

International Armament Corporation

Laser Pistol

Laser penetrating armor is like hot knife slicing through butter. However, with the focused beam, it has less stopping power than traditional projectiles. The laser pistol is also range limited, because, at long distances, the light spreads too thin and too wide to do any damage.

Action:        2
Damage:        1D4 DP
Penetration:   14
Range:         50 yards
Rounds:        250 per charge

Jet Pack

Legion of the Techno-Doom

Ray Cannon

Ray Gun

United FOX

Energy Bazooka

The Energy Bazooka is United FOX's version of a convensional rocket launcher. However, the Energy Bazooka, does not use projectile rockets. Instead, it fires an energy beam at its target. Using laser technology, it is much more accurate and hit penalties does not apply as it does to rockets. The bazooka, when fully charged, may fire 25 rounds. The bazooka takes 11 hours to fully charge. There is a 10 seconds delay between each shots.

Action:        3
Damage:        1D10 hDP
Blast Radius:  25 feet
Penetration:   14
Range:         500 yards
Rounds:        25

Energy Canon

The Energy Cannon is just a little bigger and heavier than a pistol, yet it is powerful enough to create a nasty blast. Since the cannon is quite heavy, it is designed to be carried and fired two-handed. A padded hand grip is close to the barrel for the second hand. Since the cannon is bulky, precise aiming can be a challenge.

As part of the United FOX's Energy Series, the Energy Cannon generates a power surge from its energy feed and launches the energy ball at its target. The effect is a blast with a radius of 5 feet, which will obvilivate anyone in its past. Fortunate victims usually lose at least one limb or two.

The gun comes in two parts. The upper part is the "energy feed" where the cannon draws its power. It may be detached and recharged, while another "energy feed" may be mounted. It is similiar to exchanging cartridges on a gun. However, you won't want to carry more than a few of these since the weight can add up quickly. Luckily, it can fire 250 rounds on a full charge. It takes 7 hours to charge the "energy feed."

Between each shot, the Energy Cannon have to spend 1 second on charging up the blast. Two buttons above the trigger, locks and unlocks the firing sequence.

Action:        3
Damage:        1D6 daDP
Blast Radius:  5 feet
Penetration:   14
Range:         75 yards
Rounds:        250 per charge

SR43 Sniper Rifle

The SR43 sniper rifle is unusually light. Although United FOX built it for portability, it is extremely accruate and deadly. Its single burst, semi-automatic trigger action ensures precision and control. While the detachable silencer, not shown, and the passive infrared long range targeting scope, on top, are not included, they are a must for all professionals.

Action:        2 to fire; 2 to reload
Damage:        1D8 DP
Magazine:      7 rounds
Penetration:   12
Range:         1000 yards
Rounds:        3