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Telporter Suit

You pressed a tiny switch on the telporter suit; you were whisked away to a receiving set you had previously set up in secret. All you know when you pressed the switch on your thigh something within you—your ectoplasm, higher self, the thing spirits use for materialization, whatever its real name—streamed out of you along an invisible channel, leaving your body behind in a conscious but dream-like state. Your other self materialized where you had installed the receiving set before. Strange how a device such as the telporter suit could cause the shadow of each bodily cell to leave the body, materialize, and become a reality in its own right. 

The telporter suit is worn over the bare skin. When it teleports you, it only teleport your natural body over. No personal belongings of any sort are teleported. Therefore, you'll likely want to leave a spare set of clothes with the receiving unit. When you teleport back, the same thing occurs and whatever happens to be on you wil be left behind.

Self-telportation was strictly illegal. With the aid of the telporter suit, anyone could establish an iron-clad alibi. Read the A Bottle of Old Wine short story to see how the telporter suit can be used to commit crimes.

Hurting the teleported self causes a strange phenomenon. The cut, or damage, is peculiar to the shadowy body only. Only the pain is teleported back to the original teleporter. There would be no sign of the damage on the outer self. There is something about the shadowy body that carried the hurts to the outer body, but not the scars. But if the teleported self is killed, when teleported back, the teleporter would be dead.