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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Future Earth: Cyborg

Bionics and Cybernetics

The Bionics field is the transfer of biological methods and biological systems found in nature to the design of technology. On the other hand, Cybernetics is the study of complex system structure. The complex system structure may include communication processes, control mechanisms, and feedback principles. Together, bionics and cybernetics allow the organic human body parts to be replaced and enhanced with electric-mechanical technology.

Cybertronic Corporation

Detachment Plates

This device has two plates. One of the plates is for the body and the other plate is for a limb. When the plates are combined, they interface with each other and allows the mind to control the attached limb. The detatchment plates are used to allow quick detachment and attachment of various cybernetic or organic limbs.

A set of detachment plates may also be mounted on the neck to allow detachment of the head. However, once the head have been detached, the character will no longer be able to control the body. Unless the detachment plates utilizes a wireless communication technology.


Genocybernetics has developed a realistic-looking skin material to cover bionic parts. A patient could either pay extra for the skin or leave the bionics as they are.


The bionic arm is originally intend to be a replacement for a patient's real arm. But today, there is far more use to the bionic arm then a simple replacement. When using the bionic arm, the character's physical strength is doubled.

Machine Gun

The military has encouraged Genocybernetics to develop military equipment for the arm. One of the first success story is the light machine gun. The forearm of the bionic arm may be equipped with a light machine gun for use in combat. The gun is mounted inside the arm. It may be extended for use when needed and retracted otherwise.

The machine gun is light and uses International Armament Corporation's 3 mm caseless bullet. Although the bullet is small, the bionic arm has a limited space, so each magazine could only supply 20 rounds. Since 20 bullets requires only a length of 6 cm when placed side by side, the magazine case measures only 7 cm in length by 1.25 cm in height by .5 cm in width. A character can easily carry a number of these magazines in his/her pockets.


Damage:      2D4 SdaDP
Range:       200 meters
Penetration: 18

A blade may be mounted inside a bionic arm. But if a blade is mounted, a machine gun cannot, and visa-versa. Like the gun, it is retractable.


Damage:      1D4 DP
Length:      1 foot
Penetration: 5 for slash
             10 for stab


Genocybernetics has created many attachments for it to enhance the abilities of a patient. These attachments can be integrated to the patient's brain.

Micro Communicator

A micro communicator is a small device that embeds into the brain. It allows the individual with this attachment to communicate through the act of thinking, without verbal communication. The micro communicator may be a wireless network client, a mobile phone client, a walkie-talkie, or a combination of various communication technologies.


Range: 3 km (1.863 miles)
Micro Computer

A micro computer is a device that attaches to the brain. The user may use it like any other computers through mental thoughts. There is no need for external physical user input device, such as a keyboard or mouse. It may be attached to a Micro Communicator (mentioned earlier) to network with other computer systems.

Micro Controller

This controller allows a character to control a remote equipment. The Micro Controller may be connected to the Micro Computer for more complex automated remote operation. A remote receiver is needed to be mounted on the equipment in order for this to work.


Range: 1 km (0.621 miles)
Socket Communication Interface

For a more secure communication interface, a Socket Communication Interface can be embedded in the brain, providing a socket through the skull. A communication cable can be connected to the brain through this socket, allowing the user to interface with external computer system.


Since the chest is an area with more space, many more applications exist.

Data Memory Bank

This is used to store informations gathered by the brain and the Micro Computer. It keeps informations permanent, so a character may go back and retrieve the information at anytime. An external removable back up system is available to keep track of old information and allows recovering when the data memory bank gets erased somehow.


The ear may be replaced by a bionic one. So far, Genocybernetics have developed only one enhancement for it - hearing enhancment.

Hearing Enhancement

This is a device built into the ear to enhance its hearing. The brain could tune its sensitivity and direction. Filtrations of statics and noises are possible if a Micro Computer is present. It is possible to hear a whisper from 10 meters (32.8 feet) away.


Targeting Sight

This is a special targeting system that replaces either the left or the right eye. It is only useful if the user has a bionic limb. This targeting sight gives the user a +3 to strike on all targets with any weapon.


Genocybernetics has created an artificial heart to replace the real one when necessary. Otherwise, no military application have yet been invented for the heart.


Bionic legs are available for any patients who needs them. If both of the legs are replaced, the patient may run up to twice of the speed of his or her attribute.


Like the heart, there is, so far, no combat application for the lung. However, the bionic lung is an excellent military defense equipment. It can filter out any poisonous gas inhaled by the character. Thus, a character with bionic lungs will not be effected by any sort of gas unless the character turns off the filtering capability.