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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book

Magic Spells and Psy-Powers

Magic spells and psy-powers are used in the same way as skills. Each magic spell and psy-power has a percentage proficiency associated to it. The character must roll a percentage die under the proficiency rating of the magic spell or psy-power to succeed in casting it.

Each magic spell or psy-power requires different power points to cast. The power points required is specified under each magic spell and psy-power description. When casting the magic spell or psy-power, the character must subtract the specified power point amount from the character's power point capacity. Even if the casting fails, the power point has been used.

Spending more power points allows bonuses to be subtracted from the percentage roll. However, the additional power points must be declared before the percentage die is rolled. For each extra power point spent, one percent may be subtracted from the roll.

When casting spells and using psy-powers, the caster's power attribute also comes into play. For every point of attribute higher than 12, the character subtracts one percent from the roll. For every point lower than 9, the character adds one percent to the roll.

If the spell has a victim, the victim's stress attribute comes into play as well. For every point of attribute higher than 12, one percent is added to the die roll. For every point lower than 9, one percent is subtracted from the roll.

Every time the character's power point reduces to zero, the character suddenly becomes dizzy and falls unconscious for 2D30 (or 3D20 if 30 sided-die is not available) minutes. This also happens if the character tries to cast a magic spell or use a psy-power that requires more power points than he/she has. Not only will the character then become unconscious, but also, if casting check roll is successful, there is a additional 95% chance that the spell or psy-power has no effect.

Regeneration of Power Points

The character may regenerate power points to its maximum capacity by meditating/sleeping. The character's power attribute value is the number of power points regenerated per day (game time). You can convert the regeneration rate to an hour by dividing the power attribute value by 24. So it your character sleeps 8 hours at night, then it can regenerate 1/3 of its power attribute while sleeping.