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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book


Cyno's Role-Play is a universal game system that is more flexible than many other game systems available. If you are a new gamer who wants to start playing role-playing games, here is the place to start. Throughout this book, numerous role-playing jargons will be used. But do not let them turn you away, they will be explained and clarified. The next section, Role-Play Basics will get you started in role-playing.

Why Cyno's Role-Play?

Despite the amount of role-playing games out there, gamers are still faced with a number of challenges and limitations. These include game systems that take place in only one time setting or provide a single fantasy world. Many game systems that provide universal rules have unrealistic rules, and lacking certain critical rules or gaming elements, To alleviate these problems, we created Cyno's Role-Play. Cyno's Role-Play is designed as a complete game system that supports multiple time and world settings, extensive rules, and flexibility. It provides flexible rules that is scalable to the real world.

The beauty of Cyno's Role-Play is that rules and scenarios are separate. For newcomers and game masters (GM), who are starting out, Cyno's Role-Play has many supplements, scenarios, and campaigns that are ready to use. Experienced GM's can take this rulebook, which contain rules but not genre dependent time settings, and build their own realm from scratch. Or take a favorite movie, TV show, animated cartoon, arcade, and build a realm based on it. Since the rules are flexible and ready for expansion, the GM's imagination is unhindered, unlike many other game systems.

It's time to stop boring you with all the features of this system. Instead, sit back, read through this book, and get started on using this book. By then, you will understand, first hand, the power of Cyno's Role-Play.