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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book


Human is the most basic race that is available in all settings: Fantasy, Modern, and Science Fiction. Humans are probably the most popular race to play because that's who we are. And they are playable in any time period.

To roll up attributes for a human you need to roll three 6-sided dice for each attribute. The lowest possible value of each attribute is 3 and the highest possible value is 18. Average for each attribute is 9 - 12. If a character has 13 on strength, it means that the character is slightly stronger than average.

Beauty                  3D6
Charisma                3D6
Coordination            3D6
Endurance               3D6
Health                  3D6
Intelligence            3D6
Luck                    3D6
Power                   3D6
Reflex                  3D6
Speed                   3D6
Strength                3D6
Stress                  3D6
Wisdom                  3D6

Education               3D6
Wealth                  3D6
Damage points           3D6

Level Experience:       2500


When creating a human, roll for a five-percent chance that the human might be a natural psychic. If not, the character may only receive psychic skills after practicing.

A psychic is a person that has supernatural abilities. Some of these people have the ability since they were born and are aware of it. Other people have it, but are not aware of it. Yet, other does not have it but could gain it by practicing.


There is 9 percent chance that a human is born deficient. Roll a percentage die (1D100) on the following table:

1 - 3   midget
4 - 6   dwarf
7 - 9   giant


Unlike fantasy Dwarves, these dwarves are basically small adult humans. They grow no more than 4 1/2 feet (135 centimeters) tall, caused by defective cells, disease, or poor nutrition. Attributes are of the same as human, except for the followings:

Coordination:   3d6 - 2
Speed:          2d6


Giant is a human that has grown taller than seven feet. Attributes are the same as a normal human, except for the following:

Endurance:      4d6
Power:          3d6 - 2
Speed:          4d6
Strength:       4d6
Stress:         3d6 - 1


Midgets are like dwarves in size, except they have normal body proportions. Attributes are the same as a normal human, except for the following:

Speed:          2d6
Strength:       4D4 - 1