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Cyno's Role-Play


Cyno's Role-Play and its complementing materials may be distributed freely as long as this WWW (World Wide Web) site exists. However, it may only be distributed freely--no shipping charges, no material charges, no service charges, and absolutely no other charges.

Links to this site is allowed, in fact, encouraged. The Cyno's Role-Play and associated documents may be downloaded and printed for personal use only. It may not be placed on another Internet server for public access, without the written consent of the author.

The author reserves all rights, including copyrights, trademarks, distribution rights, and any other rights related to the Cyno's Role-Play materials. Distribution rights and other regulations subject to change without notice.

Your Own Material

You are welcome to create your own campaigns, supplements, and scenario for Cyno's Role-Play. You may base your own material on Cyno's Role-Play publications, as long as you do not violate our copyright, such as copy-and-paste passages into your own material. Please refer to the copyright law for the full extent of the restriction.

You may distribute your own material any way you like, such as placing them on your web site, printing them for your friends, or even selling them for profit. You may link to the Cyno's Role-Play publications so that your friends can get a copy of the Cyno's Role-Play rule book to enjoy the game.