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Cyno's Role-Play: Cyno's Dice

Cyno's Dice for Cirqo

Roll dice on the Internet for everyone to see. Cyno's Dice for Cirqo is a dice set that could be used when playing RPG remotely over instant message, chat room, or play-by-mail (PBM). The dice roll results are posted to a public chat room on Cirqo so your peers can see them instantly or later in time.

Need a game to use your dice set with? Try "Cyno's Role-Play", an universal game of imagination.

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Multiple Dice Roll



Number of Dice:

Sides on the Dice:

Modifier (Optional):

You must fill out the Name and Purpose text field above. Or the results will NOT be posted to the Cirqo chat room. To see the results: 1) visit the "Cyno's Dice" Cirqo chat room; 2) pop-out the chat room; or 3) click here to show the chat room while you roll. Note: You can only use feature #3 if you are logged in to your Cirqo account.

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